Here are 5 Websites/Apps that Pay You to Watch Ads in Kenya

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Do you like watching videos on your mobile device? If so, then this blog post is for you! Here are 5 websites/apps that pay you to watch ads in Kenya. These are all free apps and they do not require any type of commitment. Watch the video or ad, get paid, and go about your day!

See, with the rise of smartphones, there are now a number of apps that will pay you to watch ads. This means that if you have some free time and want to make some money, then these are perfect for you! 

Whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store or sitting on your couch after dinner, these apps will help fill up your spare minutes with profitable tasks.

How does this work?

apps that pay you to watch ads in Kenya

This is a fun way to get paid to view ads in Kenya and earn some extra cash and not have to do much! These apps will request that you watch videos or ads in Kenya, usually for about 30 seconds.

You then get paid anywhere from $0.25- $0.50 depending on the app. It’s free money so why not? 

Once you’ve watched enough video clips within an app you can request payment via PayPal deposit directly into your account OR gift cards which many of us love because we can treat ourselves with them too!

1). InboxDollars

This app pays you to watch videos in Kenya, take surveys, search the web, and more! This is a great way to earn cash for doing easy things that we all do on our phones.

InboxDollars offers $0.50 every time you fill out your profile which only takes about two minutes of your time. You can also get paid to play games or download apps- this one seems pretty cool because it allows us to have fun while earning money at the same time! 

The nice thing with Inbox Dollars is that there are no minimum payout requirements so once you’ve earned $30 through any activity within their site then they will deposit funds into your PayPal account OR send gift cards directly to your home address in increments of $25.

What are the drawbacks? 

I have not found any downsides to this app! I’ve been using it for over two years, earning money and also receiving gift cards.

When you download an offer (which is paid) sometimes there can be a delay because they need to verify that it works appropriately before releasing funds into your account- but other than that no complaints here! 

The best part is that it’s free so check them out today!

How do you sign up? 

Go to then click on SIGN UP now in the upper right-hand corner of their site -from there enter your email address & create a password if needed OR log in with Facebook or Google+.

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After signing up go ahead and enter your profile information so that they can start sending you surveys and offers to complete.

2). Swagbucks

This is one of my favorite apps to earn money watching ads in Kenya because they have so many ways for you to earn cash including watching videos, shopping at their store, and more! 

Swagbucks also has a search engine that allows you to get paid when searching the internet- this is great since we all do it anyway!

Swagbucks pays users in increments of $0.50-$25 via PayPal deposit OR gift cards that arrive within two weeks after your request. 

You can also score free Amazon or Target gift cards through them as well which makes this app even better in my book! 

What are the drawbacks? 

In order to withdraw funds from your account there is a very small fee- if you want the exact amount then go ahead and check out their site. 

I have only had to do this once so it was not a big deal for me, but just something that was worth mentioning!

How do you sign up? 

Go to then click on SIGN UP in the upper right-hand corner of their website after entering your email address & password OR log in through Facebook or Google+. 

Once you’ve logged in successfully go ahead and complete your profile information which is located at the top center of the home page- they will also ask some questions about what types of surveys/offers you like completing (i.e., watching videos versus taking surveys) 

This way when offers are available within this area they can send them directly to YOUR INBOX! 

3). ClipClaps

This is another one of the top apps that pay you to watch ads in Kenya.

This app is only available on the IOS platform (meaning it’s not available for Android users). ClipClaps allows you to earn cash by watching videos and participating in activities within their site.

What are the drawbacks? 

There have been a few times that when joining an activity or video clip, there was a glitch that left me having to try multiple times before actually being able to watch anything.

However, this has only happened about three times so far so I would still say it’s worth using! 

The other downside is that they do not currently offer PayPal as a method of payment OR gift cards either which can be frustrating because sometimes who doesn’t love treating themselves with some shopping from Amazon?! 

They currently allow redeeming points for donations made to your favorite charity which is a great plus!

With clipclap, you get paid to view ads in Kenya.

How do you sign up? 

To join ClipClaps go to their site- and click on Join in the upper right-hand corner of their home page -simply enter your email address & password OR log in with Facebook or Google+. 

If you don’t have an account already I would suggest signing up for one before joining this app because it makes getting started much easier, especially if you’re wanting to try out multiple offers at once. 

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On the left side of the home page, there will be sections that state “Earn More” these are where all of your earning opportunities can be found including daily deals (where they list items discounted below the retail value), videos clips (watch videos and get paid!) and surveys (take a survey that pays).

How much money can you make? 

The payouts vary from KES50-KES1500 depending on how many points your activity is worth- here’s an example: if I watch a video clip that has 100 ClipClaps Points, then my balance will increase by 100 x the amount of cash they are paying me per point! 

For example: If I was earning .01 for each ClipClap Point, it would give me 100 cents in return for watching this video. 

This payment method takes about 24 hours to process as well so please be patient after completing activities like these before expecting them to show up in your account! 

4). Adscend Media 

This is another one of the top apps that pay you to watch ads in Kenya.

Adscend Media is available on both the IOS and Android platforms which makes it great because you can earn while multitasking! 

The way these app works is that you complete offers like taking surveys, watching videos, or shopping for items- AdScend will pay YOU to do these activities.

What are the drawbacks? 

The only drawback would be if your activity does not get accepted (which has happened a few times with me) then obviously there’s nothing they can do about that.

But simply take note of why it wasn’t approved and try again later- another benefit of having multiple apps working together at one time 😉 Other than that no real complaints from my end either!

How do you sign up? 

To join go directly through the link provided on the right side of this page or by going to and clicking “Download Now” under their logo.

Once you install the app click “Create an Account” at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen – enter a valid email & password, verify your account via email then choose from one of three options: Facebook Login, Email Address. 

Once logged in there will be a list of offers available divided into two tabs which are Active Offers (available for new users) and Inactive Offers (offers that have been completed so they’re no longer available within your account).

How much money can you make? 

The payouts vary depending on activity is approved but typically range from $0.25 -$20 per completed offer which can be redeemed via PayPal or gift cards- there is a minimum of 500 points ($50) for payout requests and they must be requested at least once every 30 days if you would like to withdraw your earnings before this time frame has passed then the option to do so will appear in their cash out section however it’s not required!

5). App Trailers

App Trailers is another newer app that will allow you to get paid to watch videos in Kenya while you’re completing other offers like Adscend Media- it’s very simple and easy to use!

What are the drawbacks? 

There really aren’t any major setbacks with this one, just a few minor details such as the fact that not all videos have a sound which might be an issue for some watching trailers from apps or games they’ve never even heard of before. 

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As well there’s no way to track completed videos so if your device happens to crash during playback then all progress is lost & can only be regained by watching them again 🙁 Other than these small issues though I highly recommend giving App Trailers a try because it has been approved on my devices several times already!

How do you sign up? 

To join go directly through the link provided on the right side of this page or by going to and clicking “Download Now” under their logo.

Once installed click “Sign Up” at the bottom center hand corner of your screen – enter an email & password, verify your account via email then choose from one of three options: Facebook Login, Email Address. 

Once logged in there will be a list of videos available that can be watched while earning points (just like with Adscend Media) however it’s important to note while watching these trailers they CANNOT be paused so make sure you have time set aside before beginning!

6). Inbox Dollars – watch and earn in kenya

Inbox Dollars is a website that allows you to make money by completing online surveys, watching videos, and shopping.

You can also play games on the site. The more tasks you complete, the higher your earnings will be. Inbox Dollars is available as an app for Android/iPhone users as well.

InboxDollars offers a $ sign-up bonus of KES 50 when signing up!

Users are paid via check or PayPal once they meet payment minimums of either $30 (PayPal) or 90 dollars (check).

There are no fees associated with using this platform, other than those charged by third-party processors like PayPal which may take out a small fee from each transaction made through them.


That concludes my list of top mobile apps that offer money watching videos and ads in Kenya.

I hope you enjoyed reading through them as much as I did writing about each one 🙂 If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer.

Other apps that pay you to watch ads in Kenya include;

  • Admitad – This app offers surveys where they pay users between $0.50-$10 per survey depending on how long it takes them to complete. You can also use their search engine or find other ways to earn more cash through this app as well! 
  • Arconous – Watch video clips & earn points 
  • Cinder Block – Watch videos to get coins 
  • Coin Popper – Free app, watch quick videos for cash
  • Coupon Tyme TV- Watch short commercials in exchange for reward money

Remember to check if you are eligible before signing up.

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