Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

How To Pick The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

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This post was last updated on October 29th, 2020 at 03:40 pm

Looking for Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya? In this article, i will reveal #4 things to consider when choosing one.

Digital marketing is an overall term that you use to describe all your online marketing efforts. This includes using search engine marketing where you bid for certain keywords, using social media marketing, or even selling to your email subscribers. 

Digital marketing in Kenya can be the wisest thing you’ll ever do in your business.


Because marketing today has changed. 

You have to connect with your potential customers where they are in real-time. 

You need to meet them where they are spending much of their time: on the internet.

Why digital marketing matter?

Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya
Why Digital Marketing Matters

While you might have heard that digital marketing is the only way today but you still wondering why, here’s the reason;

  • Digital marketing is way cheaper than traditional marketing. This is very important if you don’t have a huge budget like your competitors.
  • By using digital platforms to market your business, you might generate revenue. You will be using the information that you’ve extracted from these digital practices to customize your next campaign. Think of it as a data mining venture.
  • It helps to put you ahead of the competition. There are two sides here; either they are using digital marketing, or not. Either way, you win. For example: If they are using it, you can spy on them. 
  • Increases your business credibility, thanks to social proof. You will need testimonials and reviews from your happy clients to convince potential customers that your business is what they are looking for.
  • The use of digital assets such as content and video tutorials helps you connect more with your target market as compared to traditional billboards and flyers. 
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See, if you want to achieve the success that you’ve envisioned for your business, then you have to incorporate digital marketing into your marketing plan. 

To do this, you will need professionals who have expertise in this area.

Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

What should you look for in agencies to ensure the ROI?

#1. Know what you want

Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

Before going out searching for a digital marketing agency in Kenya, understand your needs. 

Make a list of your business needs. 

You will realize that there are those marketing activities that you can manage in-house and those that you will need to outsource and their objectives. 

If you will outsource some of the activities, ensure seamless coordination between your team and the agency you picked.

#2. Analyze the strengths of the agency you want to choose

Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya

Not all digital marketing companies in Kenya have the same strengths. 

Be sure to go with the agency with a proven track record in your niche. The last thing you want is trusting your business into someone who doesn’t even understand your product. 

Ignore this at your own peril.

#3. Be ready for a long term relationship with the agency 

digital marketing takes time

Digital marketing efforts take time to yield results. 

Do you know what that means?

It means you will not be ending the contrast in say two months’ time, at least if you want better results. 

For this reason, choose an agency that’s committed as you are to the execution of the strategies.

#4. Consider the cost of the process

cost of digital marketing in kenya

Don’t be that business who posts non-negotiable and unrealistic prices. 

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Be reasonable and if you stick to a number, at least use other parameters to negotiate, such as the time span of the project, and other specific packages.

all that said, remember, you get what you pay for. Make a wise decision when it comes to the cost of digital marketing services

Wrapping up

By now it is probably clear to you that digital marketing in Kenya is a process and you have to mind your steps and decisions. 

If you have any social media marketing questions, post on the comments below. I will answer each one of them.

Marketing is my profession, been working as a digital marketer for over 5 years now. Back then, things were different from what you see today. That is the reason why I started this blog, to share my experiences and how I handle marketing challenges I encounter. I hope you find them useful. When not watching cartoons, (yes, I know what that means), you will find me creating content for my blogs.

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