How To Make Money On Facebook In Kenya? 4 Proven Ways

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Wondering how to make money on Facebook in Kenya?

In today’s article, I will show you proven ways people engage in daily to bring in extra income from Facebook.

It is clear Facebook is a social media platform. It is a place where people go to pass time, catch up with family and friends as well as the breaking news.

This trait has made Facebook one of the largest social platforms, with over 2 billion monthly users.

With such numbers, both individuals and businesses have identified ways to make money off the platform. And here are some of them.

1)    Facebook marketing consultant

If you understand how Facebook works and strategies to bring growth and drive revenue using the platform, you can easily make money as a consultant.

Here, your job is to help businesses navigate the ever-changing Facebook ecosystem and most importantly, drive results.

I mean, it is already harder for brands to establish dominance on Facebook, leave along get started. It is a platform with a lot of moving parts and a thin line between getting kicked out and making money.

See, Facebook as a medium has rules and regulations to govern how people interact and use the platform. Failure to adhere to these policies has painful consequences, and that is why you sometimes need someone who understands what’s going on.

For example:

Messenger marketing.

Recently, chatbots came into the picture, many people rushed in to it because it promised higher open rates and click-through rates, which by the way, are really high.

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But then Facebook swoop in and implemented a strict code of conduct. You break one and you going to be sorry.

How to get started as a Facebook marketing consultant

First, pick a service. For example, Facebook ads in Kenya. Here, you will be helping brands create and monitor paid campaigns on Facebook.

Once you have the idea in mind, get down to looking for clients. Start reaching out to businesses on Facebook. Show them what you can do to help them make more money.

Here is the secret to getting FB ads, clients:

Look for those who are already spending money on advertising. They understand the value of the ads and thus need a little convincing. Audit their ads and show them what they are doing wrong and what to do instead.

With the clients booked, it is time to set rates. Either charge per campaign or go with a percentage of ad spend. This means that if they are spending 10K on Facebook ads, you get a percentage of that, say 20%, 30%, whichever you agree on.

The last step is delivering results.

2)    Get paid to post on Facebook as an influencer

Again, Facebook is a demanding platform that requires established persons to drive the results you want.

If you have a sizable following, say 10K likes on Facebook, you can make money endorsing products. This is commonly known as influencer marketing, and it growing in popularity, thanks to its ability to earn you money with less work.

To get started, you need to build a huge following on Facebook. First, pick a niche or a topic you’d love to focus on. Doing so enables you to build a targeted audience which will determine how much you will earn as an influencer.

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Create a page and start updating interesting, educative, and entertaining content on the page. The goal should be to offer value and thus giving people a reason to follow you.

Once you have a good engagement and numbers, go ahead and reach out to brands seeking partnerships.

If you have what they are looking for, they might even reach out to themselves.

Here is a simple message you can email them:

how to make money on facebook in kenya

The idea here is to show them how much value they stand to get working with you.

3)    Open a Facebook shop

Yes, Facebook had shop features before, but now, it has been revamped and a ton of functionality added.

facebook shop

For example:

You can now upload a product and allow people to either check out right on Facebook or on your website (if you have one).

facebook shop

To get started, you need to first submit the shop for review. Once accepted, you should start uploading products, descriptions, and pricing.

facebook shop

After that, it’s all about driving traffic to the shop to generate sales.

facebook shop

For example:

Every time you post something, be sure to tag your products. Doing so will increase the exposure and hopefully drive sales.

Here, I am selling Social media management services on Facebook. I will create a post talking about the service and tag the product below.

facebook shop

Once done, click finished tagging & save.

This is what people will be seeing:

facebook shop

And can click to view the products and even check out (depending on the checkout method you picked). I am using the message checkout option.\

facebook shop

4. Creating and selling Facebook pages

As we mentioned earlier, brands struggle to gain traction on Facebook. If you have a Facebook page with a good number of likes, you can sell it to them and make money.

To get started, create a Facebook page targeting a specific audience, say ladies’ shoes.

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creating facebook page to sell

Grow the page to at least 5K likes. After that, go ahead and approach businesses selling ladies’ shoes. Pitch your page and close the deal.

For the pages to sell faster:

  • Make sure the page audience is targeted. A page about a specific product sells higher and faster than one targeting the general public
  • A higher page engagement rate is an added advantage. The last thing you want is 10K likes and only 10 comments every time you post.
  • Do not buy likes. Drive growth organically

Alternatively, you can grow groups and sell or charge for posting. Just follow these strategies.

That is how to make money on Facebook in Kenya.

5. Affiliate marketing in Kenya

Still wondering how to make money on Facebook in Kenya?

This is where you are paid whenever you successfully refer a customer to a business. Considering the number of Kenyans using Facebook daily, you should earn a good commission if you know what you are doing.

For example:

You can sign up for the Jumia affiliate program. 

signing up for jumia affiliate program-how to make money on Facebook in Kenya

Pick the best selling product, 

how to make money on Facebook in Kenya

Generate a link containing your affiliate ID:

how to make money on Facebook in Kenya

Shorten the link using

how to make money on Facebook in Kenya

And post on your Facebook account.

See the above TV on Jumia Kenya

What to do next

You have learned how to make money on Facebook in Kenya. It is now up to you to take action. Consider sharing this article to reach even more people.

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